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Jefferson Georgia Police

The Jefferson Police Department is located in Jefferson, Georgia. Jefferson, Georgia is the county seat of Jackson County in Northeast Georgia and is named after President Thomas Jefferson. The city was formed in 1806 and the Jefferson Police Department’s coverage area is 19 square miles. The population of the coverage area is 7,917.

The Chief of Police is Chief Joseph Wirthman and he was appointed on September 5, 2006. He leads an agency of 24 sworn and 3 non-sworn personnel that are responsible for the law enforcement function in the city of Jefferson, Georgia.

The agency is commanded by the Chief of Police, followed by a Major. The agency has four patrol shifts, CID function, and support functions that report directly to a Lieutenant, with a Training Coordinator and State Certification Manager who reports to the Major. The agency also boasts two K-9 units, a Neighborhood Watch Program, and a Park and Walk Program.

The Jefferson Police Department has served the City of Jefferson for over 100 years. The population of the city has doubled in a ten year period which has supported the increase with the number of calls dispatched on a daily basis for the agency. The agency’s calls have increased to over 14,000 in 2010, which were approximately 1,000 more than 2009. This increase in calls has forced less focus on traffic enforcement in the past three years.