Criminal Investigations Division





The Jefferson Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of two sworn officers who conduct follow up investigations of crimes reported through 911 calls or walk-ins.

The Criminal Investigation Division, often referred to as C.I.D., investigates all crimes reported to include: Murder, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, Simple Assault, Battery, Simple Battery, Sexual Assaults, Burglary, Theft, Missing persons, Death investigations, Suicide, Robbery, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Drug Investigations, Gambling, Harassment, Terroristic Threats, Fraud, Forgery , Gangs and felony Hit and Run.

The Criminal Investigation Division processes crime scenes to collect and preserve evidence that may be used later in the prosecution of the offender. Any DNA evidence collected is sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab for analysis and comparison of other evidence collected to determine the offender.

 The current investigators have been assigned to C.I.D. since July 2009. Both have specialized training in various fields of investigations.

You can call C.I.D. Detectives directly at 706-367-8857.