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Uniform Patrol


The Jefferson Police Department Uniform Patrol Division (patrol) is primarily responsible for responding to calls, maintaining traffic safety enforcement, and community patrols.  Patrol consists of nine Officers, four Sergeants, and two Lieutenants.  Each rotation works a twelve hour shift operating with a sergeant and two zone officers.  Patrol officers can respond to numerous calls during a shift with the majority consisting of accidents, alarms, and suspicious activity.


The patrol division is usually the first form of contact when a citizen calls 911.  The responding officer initiates the first stage of an investigation by collecting field notes and documenting the incident that occurred.


Traffic safety enforcement is a major function of the patrol division.  Officers monitor traffic safety in areas of complaints or where they continuously observe violations.  Typical traffic violations consist of speeding, failure to stop at stop signs, and seat-belt violations.  The intent is to raise awareness of the issues and reduce the number of violations.


Community patrols give the officers an opportunity to patrol neighborhoods and businesses throughout the city with the hopes of deterring crime from selected areas.  It also allows them the chance to interact with citizens, thus giving citizens the chance to voice other concerns in their area.


For information on riding with one of our officers, please visit our Ride-Along page.  To request community patrols for a specific time/location, please visit our Extra Patrol page or contact the Jefferson Police Department. 

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