The Jefferson Police Department is dedicated to the training of its sworn personnel and civilian personnel. Officers in this agency receive, on the average, over 70 hours of training per year.

The department utilizes a combination of in service training, roll-call, state and federal academy training, as well as other private facilities to maintain the professional capabilities of the department. By dedication to training the department is able to fully meet its objective of providing competent, efficient law enforcement to the citizens of Jefferson.

Training is conducted on a monthly basis through an annual schedule developed by the Training Coordinator at the Jefferson Police Department.


The Jefferson Police Department has also partnered with Columbia Southern University and Nova Southeastern for the promotion of furthering the education of personnel.

If you are interested in signing up for training, please submit the following form to Lt. James Arwood. Contact Lt. James Arwood if you, or your agency, have any questions about our training schedules or future training at 706-367-5231

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"The mission of the Jefferson Police Department is to improve the quality of life for all citizens by partnering with the community in the protection of lives, property, and maintaining social order; enforcement of all Federal, State, and Local Laws and ordinances; and the safeguard of all civil rights granted to us by the United States Constitution."

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