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Here you will find a list of services offered by the Jefferson Police Department.  You will also find information about the service offered and instructions on how to sign up for any services that you may need.



The Jefferson Police Department provides Criminal History/Background Checks Monday through Friday during business hours.  In order to request a Background Check/Criminal History, you must complete the Background Check Consent Form.  Make sure to bring a valid photo i.d. with you to the police department to arrange for your service to be completed.




Fingerprinting is offered Monday through Friday during business hours only.  This service is provided by appointment only.  You can arrange for an appointment by visiting the Fingerprinting webpage. At this time, the department only offers ink fingerprinting.





If you have filed a police report with the Jefferson Police Department it is available for pick-up in the lobby at the police department or a request can be submitted online for your report.




The Jefferson Police Department can provide a vehicle identification number (VIN) verification at your request.  VIN verifications can be processed during business hours Monday through Friday.  There is $15.00 fee for the service that must be paid prior to the verification being completed by an officer.  The fee can be paid in the lobby at the police department.


You will receive a VIN verification form to be completed by the responding officer.  If you already have a VIN verification form to be completed, you will be required to show the responding officer a receipt as confirmation of payment.  Once your payment has been processed and you have received your VIN verification form, an officer can respond at any time by contacting 706-367-1911.

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