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Jefferson Police Department Awarded Small Agency Grant

The Jefferson Police Department has been awarded a public safety partnership grant totaling $10,000 from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) in Atlanta.

The incentive grant, which will last through September of 2014, is designed for smaller law enforcement agencies that have partnered with GOHS and excelled in participating in highway safety initiatives as well as making their communities safe during the previous year.

The criteria used to determine the agencies awarded the grant were reporting enforcement data to GOHS, participation in meetings of the local traffic enforcement network, hosting network meetings and submitting applications to GOHS’ annual law enforcement awards program, Governor’s Challenge.

We are proud to announce that the grant will be used to purchase new flashlights for the department, new safety vests for all officers, new safety cones, and a new alco sensor.

The goal of the grant is to reward agencies for their proactive approach to traffic safety and to provide them with the necessary tools to effectively continue their efforts.

For more information on the Jefferson Police Department’s award, contact Joseph Wirthman at 706-367-5231 or For more information on the incentive grant program or any other GOHS initiatives, visit

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